De…Lush-ious Hair

It all started with me searching for a new shampoo to improve my rather difficult thin, partly oily, partly dry hair and I stumbled over the beauty blog of the wonderful Louise (sprinkle of glitter) talking about the lush liquid shampoo “rehab”.


Now, I have tried already different high street/drugstore shampoo brands but none of them have really made a difference for me.

But well, I always love to try new things in the beauty world and after takeing a sniff at the shampoo in the lush store ( it smells amazing, a bit fruity and a bit minty) I dropped it into the basket. This shampoo has really done it for me. My hair felt so much softer, stronger and just cleaner and the shampoo really lathers nicely. It also did not make my scalp itch (something i did not think was possible).

I actually combine it with the “I love juicy”.


The people in the store looked at me funny since those two are for two opposite hair types (rehab is for dry hair and “I love juicy” is for oily hair). However, it works for me. I use three times per week the rehab and once per week “I love juicy” to really clean my hair. I further use the “veganese” conditioner. Now they are a bit more pricey then the drugstore shampoos (about 7,95€ for “I love juicy” and 8,50€ for “rehab”; 6,50€ “veganese” (for the smallest size)), however, you also need to use considerable less, so it becomes slightly less pricier if you look at it.

One thing I really appreciated in the lush store, is that they offered me to take home samples for free which contained enough product for about 3 hair washes, so that I could try them out before I purchase them. This is something I can just recommend. No one product fits everyone (beside maybe carmex lip balm but that’s for another story :P). And well I actually returned and purchased a bigger size bottle, so this strategy worked.

Now I am eager to try out their hair masks and maybe also still another conditioner. But I am sure I will repurchase this shampoos.


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